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Updated: Jan 28, 2022




<Yield> 2 rice balls/onigiri

<Prep time> 8 minutes

<Cook time> 0 minutes


300g cooked sticky Japanese sushi rice

2 tablespoons (6g) Shio kombu / Salted Kombu

½ cup (40g) frozen edamame

18g plant-based cheese (the cheese needs to hold it's shape when mixed with rice a.k.a non-melting cheese)

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1 sheet nori seaweed


1. Defrost the frozen edamame. Crumble the cheese into small pieces.

2. In a bowl add in the cooked rice, edamame, salted kombu, cheese and soy sauce. Mix them together well.

3. On a sheet of plastic wrap, add half of the mixture from step 2, wrap it up and then create a mountain shape with your hands. Repeat for the second onigiri.

4. Open the plastic wrap up and place them on your plate. Wrap with nori seaweed if you want to.

<Miwa’s tips> ※Watch more on YouTube!

・You can adjust the saltiness by adding more soy sauce. However, the more liquid you add the more difficult it is to hold the shape of ONIGIRI.

・By adding black pepper it becomes even more flavorful.

<Storage time>

Store them in plastic wrap for a day at room temperature.

<MIWA’s recommendations♡>

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2021/04/10 MIWA

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