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<Yield> 2 servings

<Prep time> 6mins

<Cook time>

15 mins ( for shrimp noodle stir fry)

30 mins ( for spring rolls)


2cups chopped (200g) chinese cabbage

1cup (60g)chinese chives

3 shiitake mushrooms

40g glass noodles

2 tbsp dried shrimp

1/6 cup shredded ginger

3 cloves sliced, garlic

1 ½ cup water


⅔ tsp salt

1 tbsp cooking sake/ rice wine

1 tbsp soup stock powder

1 tbsp soy sauce

black pepper ( to your liking)

potato starch 1 tsp + water 1tsp


1; Soak dried shrimp in warm water for 15 mins. Drain the water and remove the moisture out as much as possible. Save the shrimp juice for later.

2; Chop chinese cabbage into about ½ inch for white part and 1 inch for the leaf part. Chop chinese chives into 2 inch. Shred ginger into match thin sticks. Thinly slice shiitake mushrooms, leeks and garlic. Chop glass noodles into 3inch long.

3; Heat 2 tbsp of oil in the pan over high heat. Add ginger, garlic and dried shrimp. After 1-2 mins, add chinese cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, and leeks. Season with salt. Cook it until vegetables are slightly softened. Add sake, soup stock powder, shrimp juice and glass noodles. Cook it for 3-4mins until the glass noodles are softened.

4; Once it comes back to a boil, add chinese chives. Thicken the sauce with a mixture of potato starch and water. Drizzle some soy sauce , toasted sesame oil and black pepper.

To make the leftovers into spring rolls

1; Chop leftovers into small pieces by using kitchen scissors. Warm it up over high heat, thicken the sauce with mixture of potato starch + water until there is no liquid.( See the proper consistency on YouTube)

2; Roll 1 into the spring roll wrapper. Brush some oil on all surfaces. Put them into the air fryer. OR shallow fry them with 2 tbsp of oil until all sides become nice and golden.

<Miwa’s tips> ※Watch more on YouTube!

<Shrimp noodle stir fry>

1; On step1, make sure to remove the liquid of shrimp before adding it into the pan to prevent oil splattering.

2; Depending on the soup stock you are using, the sodium content differs. Adjust the taste with soy sauce and salt to your liking.

3; Enjoying it with a bit of vinegar or your favorite chili sauce would be a great option!

<Spring roll>

1; On step 1, how much potato starch you add varies depending on how much sauce is left. I added about 1 tbsp each of potato starch and water, but please watch the video to see the consistency you want otherwise your spring roll might explode.

<Storage time>

Keep them in an air-tight container in the fridge for 5 days.

2022/01/22 MIWA

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