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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Is Asian spinach different from baby spinach???

Asian spinach is thicker, bigger and is bitter, so Japanese people don't eat it raw. Let me tell you all about Asian spinach!



1. When is Asian spinach in season?

2. What are the health benefits of eating Asian spinach?

3. How do you store Asian spinach?

4. How do you blanch Asian spinach?


1. When is Asian spinach in season?

・ December and January (in Japan)

2. What are the health benefits of eating Asian spinach?

-The spinach contains a lot of carotene which promotes cancer prevention and improves skin health.

-The spinach contains a lot of iron which prevents anemia.

-It's rich in minerals that people tend to be deficient in such as magnesium, manganese and zinc.

3. How do you store Asian spinach?

Raw spinach tends to dried up pretty easily. Ideally, you want to cook the spinach within a day. If you are going to store in then there are 2 ways:

Storing it raw:

Wet some newspaper or a kitchen towel then wrap up the spinach. Place them inside a plastic bag and store them upright in the refrigerator for a day.

After blanching:

- After blanching the spinach, cut into bite sized pieces and keep them in an airtight container for 3 days in the fridge.

4. How do you blanch Asian spinach?

Asian Spinach contains oxalic acid, which is the source of bitterness. We usually remove the oxalic acid before we eat.

<How to blanch Asian spinach>

Rinse the spinach. Bring plenty of water to a boil over high heat. Blanch the stem part of the spinach first for 20 seconds, then blanch the leaves for another 10 seconds. Transfer to an ice bath and leave it there until it cools down. Try not to leave them in too long. Squeeze out the excess moisture gently.

I’m introducing a HOW TO below on YouTube.

After I blanch the Asian spinach I add it to a soup, pasta and salad.

5. Can you eat baby spinach raw?

Yes, you can. Baby spinach has less oxalic acid and not too fibrous.

It is suitable for making a salad.

Pre-blanched Asian spinach is something I always have in my fridge to boost my nutrition. Asian spinach usually goes well with any dish. Let's enjoy the winter seasonal veggie and nourish our bodies together!

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